Cydia Download for Windows, MAC

Users can directly download Cydia with Windows and MAC computers. Our recommended tools and help files will be useful to for every users. Most Jailbreak developers released their tools compatible with both of these OS. You need to use Windows or MAC computer to install this application directly to your device. Also Cydia unable to find as online application, Follow us and take it easy for your device. Linux users need to install Virtual software for their machines.


Our development team included software developers, we are not affiliated with Cydia and Jailbreak Software. Cydia is best Application developed by Mr. Jay Freeman. Also jailbreak applications developed by variety of teams all around the world. All these applications copyrighted by respective owners. We have began Blog to help users who are interesting to install Cydia. Also our team like to give solution for users faced with Jailbreak, Jailbreak apps, Cydia, Cydia apps. Please message your questions to

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Cydia Download for iDevices

Your iPhone, iPad or iPod can install Cydia application. This application can install with jailbreak process, Users unable to find any alternative applications for Cydia. Millions of users using this free application because of much more features. Thousands of developers updating their applications compatible with latest Ios versions. Therefore you can download free and paid more apps as you need with Cydia. So Cydia is not a worm in Apple, This is a star in Apple devices.

Help and Support

We are happy to share our knowledge with you. We have provided all Cydia related things into one place with Also we like to share our jailbreak and Cydia knowledge with you. More than 50 % of Apple iDevices users are using this application, Therefore if any person need help with Cydia please contact us. Jailbreak process will brick devices, So new users need to follow correct procedures and instructions to do it successfully.
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