Download cydia for iPhone, iPad and iPod

Cydia download for your iPhone, iPad and iPod from using following links. You are ready to give freedom for your Apple devices with Cydia. Select your device model to install Cydia for your device.

Cydia Download for iPhone users

You can download cydia for all iPhone users such as iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G

 select for your iPhone click on the download button


Cydia Download for iPad users

Cydia download for iPad users such as iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad 4G, iPad 3G, iPad 2, iPad Mini

select for your iPad click on the download button


 Cydia Download for iPod touch users

Cydia download for any iPod touch users such as iPod Touch 5th / 4th / 3rd / 2nd & 1st Generation.

 select for your iPod click on the download button


Jailbreak iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

 select for your iPhone, iPad, iPod click on the guide to jailbreak button

resYou can jailbreak these Apple devices with various jailbreak tools. These tools allows to break Apple root access restrictions. Then other software’s can download and install without Apple notice. Jailbreak developers are adding and updating software to Cydia App Store. If you have jailbreak device means like two App Store with your device.

Best App store for iPhone, iPad, Android & pc click here TutuApp install your devices

install vShare 

vShare download and install for iPhone, iPad, PC and Android users, please click below click here button and select your device and version


Movie Box install for iPhone, iPad

latest MovieBox and install for your iphone, iPad on iOS 12 – iOS 3 with step by step guide

Cydia advantages and Why you need to jailbreak ?

Thousands of users are adding daily to Cydia App Store. Cydia developer Mr.Saurik noticed more than 50 percent of Apple users are using this application around the world. Users have many advantages by using this application. Please watch following video.

Is jailbreak risk for your device ?

No, this is not risk for any Apple devices. This is kind of unlock your device using another application. Jailbreak software is use to unlock Apple security, so Apple is prohibited this software installation for your device. If you are not follow correct instructions this will cause some issue for your device. Otherwise your jailbreak will not risk for your device.

How to remove Cydia from device ?

If you installed Cydia with jailbreak process, do not go to delete files from your device. This will cause for errors. When you update your device into another Ios firmware, Jailbreak will automatically remove from your device. This means Apple is updating their firmware with closing jailbreak functions.

Cydia Download Help and Support

You can install Cydia clearly using, Perhaps you may face some difficult situation. If you have any error with Cydia installation, Please contact us

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  1. It’s very nice,and I really want to use it so that I can download free application on my iPad I wish it’s going to work on my iPad since I really need the application thanks.

  2. Can i jailbreak ios8.2(12D508)??. if yes, then please suggest me any tool. I had tried Taig and Pangu but it shows errors and don’t work at all.

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