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I am a software Developer interesting to develop Windows and mobile-based applications. Also, I like to write blogs in my leisure time. I am so much interested in Apple devices and this blog is related to jailbreaking and Cydia. I like to discuss Jailbreak matters with this Blog.

My Windows and mobile-based applications are downloading thousands of users around the world. I have developed webclip profile application for Ios users to get Cydia successfully to their devices. Therefore if you are iPhone, iPad, and iPod user, Please get my web clip to your device using Safari Browser. This will give A   to Z guide for you.

I have started this blog mainly for jailbreak and Cydia’s new users. All new users need a proper guide to install Cydia for their devices. This blog I have started as simply as I can to understand all users around the world. I like to share my Cydia and jailbreak knowledge with you using Cydia-download.co. My step-by-step point-wise post will be helpful to users. I like to gather my experience and experiments with this blog. I like to answer your questions about what happened with Cydia and Jailbreak. Please do not spam my Blog with comments, this will waste my valuable time.

Perhaps users may be faced some difficulties with Cydia application installations and Jailbreak. I like to give a solution for you as well as I can. If you have questions, please email to me. – support@cydia-download.co.

Thank You

Founder – cydia-download.co

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