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User Privacy Policy is very important and I like to give most reliable information for users. is a blog which is developed to give jailbreak and cydia related guides for users. My Blog visitor’s information protection is very important to me. I am not storing users personal information. Also I am not gather such important information like credit cards. Also I am not working with third parties and sell any personal information to third parties. 

I am using Google Analytics to monitor users and analytic information much enough to give better service for users. I am only analyzing users location, browser, in-page & out page, visit duration etc. These information we are using only for user satisfaction with our blog. Therefore user feedback is much important to give better solution for our visitors.

I am not keeping any personal information files and databases. I never concern to collect personal important information such as SSN Numbers, bank information. I like to support users via emails and user comments. I never sell any product for users. So your personal privacy information not need to me. All jailbreak applications are free and users not need to pay to buy jailbreak apps.

We hope to develop this blog as much as user friendly and user satisfaction. We appreciate any of your messages and comments about this blog. Because user feedback will motivate us to correct our mistakes and get this blog to real path.

Thank You

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