Apple iPhone AirTag, How to rename

Apple released the AirTag a few days ago for its customers to purchase, and if it was first ordered, it has already been ordered and put to use. You can set up an air tag very simply and easily, first bring it to your iPhone and then search my apps across your Apple devices – give it a name you like or make a predetermined choice like apple airpods.

The combination of names used by Apple in naming the air tag is similar to the combination of names such as ‘bag’ and ‘key’. But if it makes you clearer than a shoe bag or office bag, then you can easily identify it, so that any air tag can be identified separately when applied as a bag.

If you have finished typing in your airtag, or need to change its name after the first use, you can easily rename the AirTag, a step-by-step guide below.

How to Rename Apple iPhone AirTag

Step 1
Open find My app on iOS device.
Step 2
select the items tab.
Step 3
select the AirTag, you want to rename.
Step 4
swipe up for reveal more options.
step 5
click rename item.
step 6
in this screen, you can set a custom name or free difine names.
Step 7
click done button.

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