Cydia for Android Guide


Android users has got a freedom to get third party apps without any matters as Android is considered to be an open source it gives access for its users to gain third party apps without any restrictions though we can’t get everything there are certain limitation as many won’t be able to work neither supports our device now what’s the way to get whatsoever we like is to try root, rooting is a procedure through which we get more permission to use third party apps

There are countless benefits that can be gained through rooting your android device, so do you have any idea on how will it be if the android device has the ability to get and support Cydia, yeah it would be awesome aren’t it?

Cydia is obviously available for an open source device, so without spending a penny you could get Cydia for your Android device make sure that the Cydia which you plan to get is created by Saurik

How to root Android using Cydia

As in Cydia you need to choose an apt source to get the apps you prefer for so follow the below procedure at first to get Cydia into your android device anyways before going in for the procedure make sure you had back up your device and also you device must be rooted as Cydia needs access to root

• Go to the PlayStore from your Android device
• Type in the search area as Cydia substrate as Cydia substrate works for android device
• You might receive the options so now choose the one which is developed by Saurik you might find it in the top list
• Click on the install button to get it download
• Accept the permission the procedure will move on
• That’s it Cydia will be smiling at your homescreen

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