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Apple company is stable in the first place because of the iDevices features awesome in all atmosphere so people wish to have apple device in their hands,
Apple device provides us firmwares called iOS apple releases the firmware each year with many features and fixes of the bug, so iDevice users updates their iOS version each year as soon as Apple gives out the latest iOS firmware
Current release is iOS 8.1.3 with few minor bug fixes but it didn’t come out well as the users expect because users could still find out some major bugs so it gave them some kind of disappointment
Apple is having somewhat limited apps in their App Store and also many of them are paid apps s we found out a software which is named as jailbreak through jailbreak we could obtain unlimited apps upto our very own desire through third party apps
There are two kinds of jailbreaking system tethered jailbreak and untethered jailbreak, there are many jailbreaking tools dived into these two category
Cydia is a kind of an App Store available for Jailbroken devices you could get your desired apps from this store mostly many of the apps stored in Cydia are free of charge but some of them required purchasing
Cydia is created in February 2008 by Jay freeman who is known to us as Saurik at first he didn’t realize the benefits he is going to gain from it but he made millions in return of his creation
This awesome App Store known as Cydia has got countless benefits, it is based on APT expands as Advance Packaging Tool system, through Cydia you can get the apps directly from your iDevice
The disadvantage is the void of warranty as you could lose it through jailbreaking your iDevice, those who wish to jailbreak their device never forget to get Cydia if you try untethered jailbreak you could get Cydia along with it

How to Reinstall Cydia

Best and top cydia apps

How to delete Cydia & Cydia apps


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