cydia best third party apps for your device

VLC media player

Playing music in an iPhone makes us feel awesome so we need a much more useful media player to perform the task and it is very necessary to have it, by the way VLC media player was once available in Apple App Store but afterwards it was removed from the Apple App Store so those people who wetre fond of it jailbreak your iDevice and get VLC media player through Cydia, it plays everything for you so enjoy it.


Gridlock is an awesome app which performds beautiful task that would help you in the process of customizing as it allows you to put up the apps icons in any places which you prefer to, and also makes you reach it soon
Arrange the app icons through Gridlock it is really helpful


Cyntact is an awesome app that show up the profile pictures of the contacts on your list, it is really helpful and people the iDevice users are really fond of it


AdBlocker the name itself makes us easier to identify the use of this app, yes I consider it to be the most needed app in the store of Cydia because it worth to be available in each and every iDevice, as this app blocks the Ads that gets your money away the unnecessary apps are been blocked through this app anyways keep in mind that it blocks only website Ads not the Ads which disturb in the apps you get

Get AdBlocker in your iDevice straightaway


Do you wish to hide some apps which belongs to you and do not wish to show it up with your friends those who wish to meddle up with your device ok a solution

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