Best Cydia Sources for iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini

Cydia created by saurik has got a great impact towards the users, iOS device users mostly jailbreak their device in order to get Cydia to have its benefit and to enjoy it As the name Cydia became most needed and reached a status all the other device owners too wish to give it a try so now let’s look at the sources which is available and considered best for iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini  


BigBoss is a multitask source which could get your iPad to another destiny, this BigBoss source gives you the apps that is much needed for iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini this source is considered to be leading source which provides many apps which you really seek for so get it from the link provide above, it works on iOS 8, iOS 7 and iOS 6


xSellize what kind of source is this! Let me emphasize clearly, xSellize is a source which is a must for iOS iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini devices it works on all the version, if you are a game lover then nothing can really withhold you from getting xSellize source, it is been created for game lovers as the device which we use really needs to entertain us so the path we choose is to get apps and games, xSellize source helps you out in providing whatsoever game you like so get the source from the link provided above


Modmyi, when it comes to sources we cannot withhold ourselves from conveying about Modmyi, the much needed source for iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini devices it just changes the tablet into your desired format never to hesitate from trying it






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