How to delete backups and free up space in iClouds

Apple stands the peak in providing high quality technologies day by day the development it carries makes us to look up abut Apple, so in that category iClouds is one such Apple’s creation iClouds stores cloud apps, documents, files, photos and etc Apple gives out 5GB on for iClouds.

If you find that the space in iClouds is not enough then you can delete up the backups and get the space you need, you can delete in two ways if you to delete apps separately then that’s possible or else you could delete the whole backup and also you are having another option that is to upgrade your version of iClouds for that you have to spend on some money so that through Apple you can get more free space that’s means more GB.

As a user we need apps so that we need space if we are loaded we must delete some now let me expand three varieties of methods for the three categories one to delete the backups completely another one is the upgrade method and at last the method of deleting single apps.

First method of deleting backups for iClouds

  • As to do this process you must go to the settings from your phone
  • And then click iClouds
  • And then click storage
  • And then click manage storage
  • Now tap on the appropriate device on the backup section
  • And then turn on delete backup
  • That’s it

Second method of upgrading iClouds

Visit settings and then click on iCloud and then click on buy more storage and then choose your package(setting >>>iCloud>>>Storage>>>choose your package).

Third method of deletng single apps

Settings>>>>>>>>>>> iClouds>>>>>>>>> storage>>>>>>>>>manage storage>>>>>>>>>>show all apps>>>>>>>>>turn off the app and press delete

So follow up these methods to enjoy space in iClouds

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