Download Torrents on iPad Without Jailbreak

How about downloading torrents without jailbreak! Aren’t it great as many of you ignores jailbreak but wish to give it a try the purpose or the reason of you to ignore jailbreak will be the void of warranty as they find it to be a risk anyways many prefer torrent files which are out of Apple App Store so to get it we need Cydia but to get Cydia we need to jailbreak

The reason why Apple voids the warranty is that it pays the developers a high salary range so when people ignores Apple App Store it might be a great disadvantage for the Apple so voiding the warranty is been the only target and either it tries to kill out jailbreak in their previous attempt but couldn’t succeed fortunately the latest release led them enjoy the victory

Torrent is mostly considered to be the best way to share out large MB files and also the internet speed can extend to 5mbps or either more so now as per my topic let me teach you the procedure which can led you have torrent without jailbreak

Supporting the following iPad

iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini Retina, iPad Mini 3

Supporting version

Not to worry as this procedure supports almost all the iOS firmwares which includes iOS 8.

Guide to Step by Step how to download torrents on iPad

Step 1
Open iDownloader on iPad.

Step 2
Go and search your favorite torrents downloading site.

Step 3
Long tag downloading link.

Step 4
Now you can select 3 option like as “Open” “Copy” “Cancel” then you have to select Copy option.

Step 5
Now go to With new browser.

Step 6
Now paste torrent link and click go button.

Step 7
Now download you needed

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7 years ago

is it easy