How to hide apps on iPhone

Why do you think you can hide apps on an iPhone? Yes, you can definitely hide third-party apps and any Apple apps installed on your iPhone using the features that Apple developers have installed on iPhone for free.

Below you can see how to hide apps on iPhone by using some tools on iPhone, such as your iPhone’s home screen, Siri suggestions, and your App Store purchase history.

Things you definitely need to know

  • As mentioned above, these three methods can hide an application on the iPhone’s home screen, Siri suggestions, and your App Store purchase history.
  • Avoid installing one or more third-party apps that support hiding apps on your iPhone.
  • You can’t hide third-party apps from the app library either.

How to hide apps on iPhone using App Library for iOS 16.2 and below

1 Click and hold the app icon for you need to hide.
2 Remove App
3 Click Remove from Home Screen. Here, apps are removed from your iPhone’s home screen and stored safely in the app library.

How to Hide Multiple Apps on Your iPhone

If you want to backup multiple apps on iPhone, the best way is to backup Home Screen page at once. How to do this step-by-step is presented below, and before following the steps, put all the apps you want to backup on the same page.

1 Click and hold anyplace on your Home Screen -> Enter Edit mode -> Click mid of circle.
2 Click checkmark and remove it.
3 Once again, if you feel that this is unnecessary to hide, you should, tap the circle icon to add the checkmark.

How to hide apps on iPhone using search & Smart suggestions

1 Go to Settings and click Siri & Search.
2 Select the app you need to hide.
3 Disabled of Show App in Search and Show Content in Search.
4 Disabled of Learn from this App.
5 Disabled of Show on Home Screen, Suggest App, Suggestion Notifications.

How to hide apps using App purchase history

1 Go to Apple App Store app and click Profile icon.
2 Click Purchased
3 Swipe to left you need to hide.
4 Click hide to remove.
5 After finished hiding apps, click done.

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