Top iOS 10 Features and tweak already on Cydia

iOS 10 next major iOS version, update by Apple with the firmware version at WWDC 2016. Apple say it include new features can do something easily. Apple adds more new features to iOS 10, there are included new and original and other several feature already include in Cydia. We Below discuss iOS 10 features from jailbreak community.

1 Using stickers in the Massages app in iOS 10

The all-new Messages application elements are among the absolute most foreseen changes in Apple’s up and coming iOS 10 working framework, and iMessage has been given a large number of new features custom-made specially for iOS clients.

One of those that appears to emerge the most is the capacity to utilize Stickers in iMessage, which is something that we’ve been given the capacity to do in Facebook Messenger for quite a long time.

For reasons unknown, Apple took a white to actualize these into the stock iMessage experience, presumably on the grounds that they were caught up with adding those all-new Emojis to iOS 9, however the jailbreak developer at the end of the day as of now had a response to this disfavor.

2 Third party access to siri

Siri is presently open to designers to play with in iOS 10 because of another API known as SiriKit. With it, App Store application engineers have a few, but constrained, access to permitting the virtual voice-based colleague to perform activities identified with outsider applications.

I need to call attention to that there have been no flawless answers for this in the jailbreak team , however I felt it was important that engineers in the jailbreak developer  have assembled stages and libraries that different designers have possessed the capacity to use in the past to give Siri more abilities.

One such illustration was AssistantExtensions, which was a library other jailbreak designers could use to give Siri the assets to answer new sorts of inquiries and questions that she was never ready to.

Apple’s inclusion in this division implies giving honest to goodness App Store engineers the capacity to coordinatetheir applications, so it contrasts a tiny bit from how the jailbreak developer  used to make Siri more intelligent by giving her new question noting capacities.

3 Modular Control Center Pages

iOS 10 seems to convey another element to Control Center. As opposed to having only one page with everything packed into one interface, Apple appears to have made things somewhat more measured by giving pages that you can swipe between.

The primary thing that struck a chord when I saw this was Auxo Legacy Edition, which was more-so an App Switcher change than a Control Center change, however regardless it incorporated the App Switcher with Control Center and one of the components I recollect was having the capacity to swipe between the controls segment of Control Center and the music area of Control Center.

The execution looks somewhat changed, yet it has the same thought at the top of the priority list. Generally speaking, it doesn’t incorporate the App Switcher into Control Center like Auxo Legacy Edition does, however despite everything you understand that page-to-page Control Center feeling in iOS 10 that you did with Auxo Legacy Edition.

4 Removing Stock Apps From the Home Screen

Apple has since quite a while ago littered the Home screen’s restricted space with huge amounts of applications that you might utilize, and with regards to those applications that you know you’re never going to need, for example, Tips, you’ve most likely dependably wished you could just remove them, just to observe that you expected to push them off into an envelope some place on your Home screen just to conceal it.

The jailbreak developer has tackled this issue for quite a while, by giving jailbreak tweak that permit you to conceal applications from the Home screen for a considerable length of time, for example, Springtomize.

5 New Look and feel for Apple Music

Apple gave Apple Music another look and feel in iOS 10, giving it a more noteworthy interface for music disclosure and general tasteful, yet man… it beyond any doubt is difficult to give Apple all the credit since jailbreakers have been adjusting the look and feel of Apple Music since iOS 8.4!

With an jailbreak tweak called Gauss 2, you could give the Apple Music application on your jailbroken iPhone a complete makeover with new obscure impacts, content shading changes, tinting changes, immersion, and a great deal more.

Presently I comprehend this is to a greater degree a low blow, since Apple would have upgraded the Apple Music interface sooner or later in any case, yet it goes to demonstrate that the jailbreak developer dependably is by all accounts one stage in front of Apple in permitting clients to have something that looks and feels changed.

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