New iOS 8.3 features and improvement

iOS 8.3 beta versions so far Apple has released four. It is getting to be a very important date. Therefore, we take look upon both the iOS 8.3 betas’ve found all the new features and improvements.

Emoji keyboard

The Emoji keyboard completely, iOS 8.3 is the rules. The list of great help for Emojis emoji library retains longer paginated.

It is a new emoji emoji and prepared skin. You are the one that most people emoji, emoji with the selected skin tone, from one of the options you will have the option to select specific skin structure.

Apple has added a new public emoji for more diversity. Both children are now with the family without emoji, multiple sex couples, including same, and you get the option to choose as well as their specific skin.

This iOS 8.3 includes 32 new country flags.

Different with old keyboard

Apple iPhone Safari at the chance to use some of the time, and trying to use the main bar of the reasons Tennessee key issue, iOS 8.3, the keyboard design have been developed.

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As you can see below, Apple increased the width of the space bar key, and the time has been reduced to the size of the keys. Accidentally while using the Safari period should help to avoid tapping the main milk.

Wireless carplay

OS 8.3 beta users wirelessly connect their systems CarPlay supported in his car, which lets wireless CarPlay, brings support. USB cable for connecting users had to use lightning in previous versions.

Other improvement

We are hearing reports that all iOS better overall performance on the equipment. Video comparison, iOS 8.3 has been shown to be running slightly faster on older iOS devices.

Cydia Apps

ICloud Photo Library Services at the end, iOS 8.3 beta tag with the introduction sheds done like. In January, Apple, iOS 8.1 has been launched with the iCloud Photo Library. But it was in beta at that time.

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Now, instead of simply press the message ‘message saying mass, the group sent conversation tell you.

Watches application icon in the hand is a little thin

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